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Room 415- Sunday afternoon
True to what she'd said on radio, Gwen had spent her free time after the ceremony packing up her room. It wasn't like she had a ton of stuff, and most of what she had she was either tossing or putting in a box outside the room for people to take. You know, just in case they wanted things they could easily buy at Hot Topic. She hadn't really wanted to come back after Peter died last summer, and it wasn't like it'd been a super fun time here since she'd been back, so she'd probably have left pretty quick even if there hadn't been aliens at graduation following her weekend of being stabbed by a terrifying murder alien and transforming into one.

But really, those last two things had been what finalized that decision.

So she was getting the last of her stuff together, ready to take some things down to be shipped back home with Aunt May's help, and feeling slightly bad that she'd made the decision too fast to paint the room back to normal. Sorry, Cassandra.

[Gwen's last post in Fandom! Open if you want to talk to her, or you want to take something moddable from the box outside the room.]

ooc: and the other girls!
back to you
I have my Rey post up, but here's an update on my older girls!

kitty pryde, reserve x-manCollapse )

gwen stacy, version 2.0Collapse )

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The Parker home- Queens, NY- Tuesday morning
i'm listening
The reporters hadn't left the lawn since the funeral.Collapse )

New York- Sunday afternoon
After Peter died, everyone else handled the details.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay.From Ultimate Fallout #1-2, and Ultimate Spider-Man #4. Hey, Miles.]

The Parker home- Queens, NY- Monday night
It started with the Home Shopping Network. Peter was out doing superhero training, Johnny and Bobby were out, and so Gwen and Aunt May were having a girl's night in, with snacks and TV.Collapse )

[From The Death of Spider-Man, NFB, NFI, OOC including hugs and puppies okay because I turn into a sobbing mess even thinking about this.]

The House for Wayward Superheroes- Thursday afternoon
Things here were insane, but Gwen loved it. There were too many people, and Peter was stuck going to superhero school, and Gwen had way too much stuff on the chore chart and was constantly fighting it, but it was home. Currently she was in her room, listening to Bobby and Johnny bicker down the hall about shampoo and whether Bobby even needed it since he barely had hair these days. It was funny because she wasn't involved in it. And being here this long meant that she'd been able to celebrate Peter's birthday, and to help throw his surprise party, which had included the return of Kitty after she ran away, so that was pretty great.

Of course, there was the issue of Portalocity, which had been giving her trouble with delays and canceled portals. Not that she minded being home, but a ton of her stuff was in Fandom, and to be honest that school was way better than Middleton High, so she'd like to get this resolved. Which was why she was typing up and sending off her third nasty email of the week to their corporate office, which included some particularly creative things to do with gnomes.


The House for Wayward Superheroes- Queens, NY- Monday evening
Gwen didn't know when she was going back to Fandom yet.Collapse )

Room 415- Sunday evening
not in the mood
Gwen was a couple finals short of getting to go back to Queens for a while- and it said something about how much she loved that house and the people in it that she wanted to go back to Queens- and had decided to Skype with Peter so he could catch her up on all the stuff that was going on. Unfortunately, all of that stuff was massively depressing. The FBI had come for Kitty at school because as a mutant it was illegal to be there now, so she and Kenny ran away, the principal quit, Aunt May asked the boys to lay low on the superhero thing because Kitty's stuff scared her, and then Peter got his identity and face stolen by a crazy person.

"You keep going," Gwen said finally, "I'm going to google adorable baby animals while you tell me everything is terrible."

[La la leading up to catchups I really don't want to do. Open door, open post once she's off her call.]

Room 415- Saturday afternoon
Gwen had wanted to go back to New York for the summer, but after spending break week there it was still too crowded, and she felt bad making Aunt May worry about her too. And sure, Aunt May had insisted that it wasn't a problem, but it was okay here, and she had space, and it wasn't like Gwen didn't talk to her and/or Peter every day anyway.

Besides, it meant that sometimes Gwen got the most chaotic Facetimes ever, where Johnny and Bobby would try to cut in while she was talking to Peter, and then eventually she got to end the call and go back to her own stuff. Kind of like babysitting and then giving the kids back to their parents when you were done. It was like the best case scenario, and now she got to do some online window shopping for outfits she couldn't afford without boys bothering her. Win/win for Gwen.

[Door and post open!]

The House for Wayward Superheroes- Queens, NY-Tuesday evening
that's funny
Gwen was having the best god damn week.Collapse )

[Do you know how happy it makes me to have a happy catchup for once? I never get happy catchups. NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Taken from Ultimate Spider-Man #5 & 6!]

The House for Wayward Superheroes- Queens, NY- Monday evening
not laughing with you
Gwen had kiiiind of lied and said that Fandom High had a break week this week, which meant she got to spend the day with Aunt May... and Johnny still sleeping on the couch and ruining all her daytime TV-watching.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Taken from Ultimate Spider-Man #3 & 4!]

The Parker home- Queens, NY- Sunday night
Gwen didn't get to go home much these days, but when she got the chance it was the best thing in the world because it really was home.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Only two months late on this! Taken from Ultimate Spider-Man #1 & 2 by Brian Michael Bendis!]

Room 415- Wednesday morning
i'd rather not
Gwen had been laying low since truth day, because she kind of had some major issues with the whole dying thing and hated that it was out there on radio for everyone to know and she didn't know how people would treat her and ugh everything was terrible. But she figured maybe today she'd wander down to a common room and test the waters a little...

And then she heard a thump at her window, and got out of bed to investigate. And when she looked out... flying eels. Seriously? Flying eels.

"Nope," she said, and got her phone to take a picture to send Peter, and then got back in bed. Nope, this was all she was doing today.

[Closed door, but the post can be open!]

Room 415- Thursday afternoon
After some problems with Portalocity that kept her from getting back earlier in the week, Gwen was finally able to catch a portal home for the holidays tonight. Which meant she was rushing around her room to pack and cursing because she'd kind of procrastinated? Oops.

And she was doing it all with a Santa hat on her head, which didn't really go with the pink and black Hot Topic look she was sporting, but there was only so much she could do about that.

[Slow for work, but open!]

Room 415- Thursday evening
you're cute
So, the ghosts had been taken care of and all last weekend, but Gwen hadn't felt completely comfortable with anything until the seven days she'd been warned about were over and she hadn't died.

What, call her cautious.

So the last week had just been nerve-wracking and kind of messed up even if she wasn't coughing up anything gross anymore, and she was kind of tired of either dying or almost dying or being threatened with dying, but she was still here.

She was still here and wearing a camo snuggie as she flipped around Netflix for something to watch on her computer, because the mere act of surviving earned her the right to watch something trashy and dumb.

[I meant to do so much with this, sigh. Post can be open!]

Room 415- Friday morning
not best pleased
By now, Gwen was thoroughly freaked out. When she did manage to get some sleep there was nothing but nightmares about drowning, and then she'd spent way too much time in the bathroom this morning coughing up wet hair. Considering she'd once been mummified, she was trying to keep things in perspective but right at this moment she was thinking this was the grossest thing she'd ever been through. Top three, definitely.

Still feeling a little shaky, she was headed back to her room. Not that she'd checked her email to know class was canceled today, but she had every single intention to ditch.

Room 415- Thursday evening
Gwen was having a really weird day. After yesterday's creepiest movie experience ever and the weird message, she'd just been feeling really off. Radio and everyone else apparently feeling creeped out didn't help.

Neither did having a single room. Every little noise was setting her on edge, and when she finally got up to go somewhere else, she noticed the water on the floor. She bent down to touch it and confirm that yeah, that was water, and looked up but didn't see any kind of leak. She got up to go get some paper towels or something to clean it up, and thought she caught sight of something in the mirror...

"Definitely going crazy," Gwen muttered to herself.

[Closed door, open post if you don't mind me being extremely slow.]

Room 415- Wednesday evening
Gwen had been quiet the last couple days, in part because she'd been really busy on the trip and needed quiet, and in part because she seemed to have brought a cold back as a souvenir. And of course once the baggage had gone away, that had still left several bags of things from Skyrim that she had no idea where they came from. She had like twenty books and several carrots but not a single healing potion thingie and that wasn't even fair.

She was feeling better today, which meant she had the door open while she sat on her bed in what might as well have been pajamas and her bunny slippers and enjoying the healing powers of Netflix.

[Open door, slow as stated in previous posts la.]

Room 415- Sunday night
busy being emo
Gwen had had a lot of fun on the trip, but coming back with excess baggage was putting a damper on the whole thing. She wasn't even bothering unpacking yet because she was trying to ignore all said baggage, even if it was really, really bugging her. (She had, however, refrigerated the wheels of cheese she had somehow accumulated.) She'd be jealous of those who could ignore their issues being shoved at them and go about their daily lives and all, but she was not one of those people.

So she'd tried to not read the bags as she piled them in one spot and turned the writing against the wall, though she totally did and decided she was staying the hell in tonight. The DEAD DAD and the MOM HATES ME bags were probably pretty common, but with stuff like CARNAGE and DEAD CLONE PERSON, she didn't want to chance that something else terrible would show up when she was in public. Instead, she was laying on her bed and trying to read some mindless, trashy romance novel, though she'd been on the same page for a while.

She was so going to bed early.

[Open post, closed door.]

Room 415- Tuesday evening
let me think about it
So the black walls had been a mistake. It was dark and depressing and Gwen didn't want to get a bunch of black lights and feel like she was living in a rave. That meant that after class she went and got some more paint, a more muted gray that she could dress up however she wanted, and started painting the walls again.

The next lesson she was learning was that when covering up black paint, you were gonna need primer. She only found that out when she googled it to find out why it wasn't working, and then there'd been another trip to the store and waiting for the paint she'd already used to dry before starting over with the primer and ugh. She wanted to get this done before Parents Weekend but right now it felt like she'd finish right around a quarter after never.

Anyone who didn't want to be dragged into helping should probably avoid this hall. So should anyone who didn't mind her begging to let her sleep in their room tonight because of paint fumes.

[Open, why not!]

Room 415- Thursday afternoon
back to you
Yesterday Gwen had had her little freakout. Today she was fine. This was not repression or ignoring her problems or anything, either. She was just okay now that she got it out of her system.

In fact, today she had a project. She'd been thinking for a while that she wanted to paint her room because "student dorm" was a boring look, so this afternoon she'd gone to the store and gotten some paint, ripped apart some trash bags to cover her stuff, opened the door and window for ventilation, and started painting the walls of her room black.

Shhh no one tell her this was probably a bad idea.

[Open door, open post! Usual work SP warning in effect!]

Room 415- Wednesday night
Gwen had had a great time at the party- which was still really weird to her because these people were freakishly unterrible so far and did they know teenagers are horrible by defintion?- but when she got back to her room she sank right into a mood. She'd like to think she was handling the strange and messed-up stuff here pretty well, but she was getting the impression that she was going to see way worse than she had this weekend. She was going to have to worry about invasions and gremlins and the possibility of trading in her parts or thinking she was someone else, and this particular former dead girl didn't even want to touch everything involved with the evil murder carnival. It'd been an okay couple weeks, but now she was getting nervous and freaked out.

So she went back to her room, and had a little cry. She didn't even know about what, exactly, it was just a thing that needed to happen. Maybe it was being worried about what else might happen, maybe it was dealing with Fandom's shitty sense of humor already, maybe she was just scared that if she told Aunt May what this place was really like she'd want to take Gwen away and then she'd be a burden all over again as they figured out what to do with her.

When she calmed down, she picked up her phone and stared at it for a while. If Aunt May could handle what Peter dealt with all the time, Gwen dealing with the occasional problem in Fandom couldn't be too terrible. Besides, when Gwen either called or texted every day, if something was up, she wasn't going to be able to keep lying about it forever. So she dialed the number.

"Hey, it's me again. Sorry it's late, but do you have a minute to talk?"

[Had to do it eventually. Establishy.]

Room 415- Tuesday evening
leaning in
There wasn't much about this town that wasn't seriously weird, but the bonus of living with someone with superpowers (and herself being someone who came back from the dead as a Carnage monster but whatever) was that the people Gwen told couldn't think she was too crazy. Sure, there was an alternate universe Johnny Storm here and it rained fish sometimes and there were people from the past and other planets, but how was that any weirder than what she'd been through? Plus she was sending updates and assurances that she was safe and everything was okay and no, she hadn't threatened anybody yet.

And since she had a room to herself- something that was really cool right now but would probably get boring soon- Gwen was spending the evening rearranging the room the way she wanted it. And since she was one girl trying to move desks and beds together, she was not having a fun time, but these things had to be done.

She wondered if she was allowed to paint the walls...

[Open door, open post!]

New York- Wednesday afternoon, to start
not best pleased
Gwen was pretty sure she wasn't invited on this "night out on the town" thing as some sort of consolation for not being allowed to return to school on account of being dead, but it felt that way. And then terrible, terrible things happen.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI obviously, OOC okay. From Ultimatum, because let's come to Fandom with even more trauma.]

ooc: info post!
Trading one Marvel comics girl for another, apparently. Meet Gwen Stacy, of Ultimate Spider-Man.

the canonCollapse )

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"Hey, it's Gwen. Do people even still leave voicemails? Just text me."



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