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Room 415- Sunday evening
Gwen was a couple finals short of getting to go back to Queens for a while- and it said something about how much she loved that house and the people in it that she wanted to go back to Queens- and had decided to Skype with Peter so he could catch her up on all the stuff that was going on. Unfortunately, all of that stuff was massively depressing. The FBI had come for Kitty at school because as a mutant it was illegal to be there now, so she and Kenny ran away, the principal quit, Aunt May asked the boys to lay low on the superhero thing because Kitty's stuff scared her, and then Peter got his identity and face stolen by a crazy person.

"You keep going," Gwen said finally, "I'm going to google adorable baby animals while you tell me everything is terrible."

[La la leading up to catchups I really don't want to do. Open door, open post once she's off her call.]


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