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The House for Wayward Superheroes- Thursday afternoon
Things here were insane, but Gwen loved it. There were too many people, and Peter was stuck going to superhero school, and Gwen had way too much stuff on the chore chart and was constantly fighting it, but it was home. Currently she was in her room, listening to Bobby and Johnny bicker down the hall about shampoo and whether Bobby even needed it since he barely had hair these days. It was funny because she wasn't involved in it. And being here this long meant that she'd been able to celebrate Peter's birthday, and to help throw his surprise party, which had included the return of Kitty after she ran away, so that was pretty great.

Of course, there was the issue of Portalocity, which had been giving her trouble with delays and canceled portals. Not that she minded being home, but a ton of her stuff was in Fandom, and to be honest that school was way better than Middleton High, so she'd like to get this resolved. Which was why she was typing up and sending off her third nasty email of the week to their corporate office, which included some particularly creative things to do with gnomes.



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