leaning in

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leaning in
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Room 415- Tuesday evening
There wasn't much about this town that wasn't seriously weird, but the bonus of living with someone with superpowers (and herself being someone who came back from the dead as a Carnage monster but whatever) was that the people Gwen told couldn't think she was too crazy. Sure, there was an alternate universe Johnny Storm here and it rained fish sometimes and there were people from the past and other planets, but how was that any weirder than what she'd been through? Plus she was sending updates and assurances that she was safe and everything was okay and no, she hadn't threatened anybody yet.

And since she had a room to herself- something that was really cool right now but would probably get boring soon- Gwen was spending the evening rearranging the room the way she wanted it. And since she was one girl trying to move desks and beds together, she was not having a fun time, but these things had to be done.

She wondered if she was allowed to paint the walls...

[Open door, open post!]


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