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Room 415- Sunday night
Gwen had had a lot of fun on the trip, but coming back with excess baggage was putting a damper on the whole thing. She wasn't even bothering unpacking yet because she was trying to ignore all said baggage, even if it was really, really bugging her. (She had, however, refrigerated the wheels of cheese she had somehow accumulated.) She'd be jealous of those who could ignore their issues being shoved at them and go about their daily lives and all, but she was not one of those people.

So she'd tried to not read the bags as she piled them in one spot and turned the writing against the wall, though she totally did and decided she was staying the hell in tonight. The DEAD DAD and the MOM HATES ME bags were probably pretty common, but with stuff like CARNAGE and DEAD CLONE PERSON, she didn't want to chance that something else terrible would show up when she was in public. Instead, she was laying on her bed and trying to read some mindless, trashy romance novel, though she'd been on the same page for a while.

She was so going to bed early.

[Open post, closed door.]


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