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Room 415- Saturday afternoon
Gwen had wanted to go back to New York for the summer, but after spending break week there it was still too crowded, and she felt bad making Aunt May worry about her too. And sure, Aunt May had insisted that it wasn't a problem, but it was okay here, and she had space, and it wasn't like Gwen didn't talk to her and/or Peter every day anyway.

Besides, it meant that sometimes Gwen got the most chaotic Facetimes ever, where Johnny and Bobby would try to cut in while she was talking to Peter, and then eventually she got to end the call and go back to her own stuff. Kind of like babysitting and then giving the kids back to their parents when you were done. It was like the best case scenario, and now she got to do some online window shopping for outfits she couldn't afford without boys bothering her. Win/win for Gwen.

[Door and post open!]


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