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The House for Wayward Superheroes- Queens, NY- Monday evening
Gwen didn't know when she was going back to Fandom yet. Portalocity had been screwing with her since Friday, so she would probably be back whenever they actually let a portal from here happen. But for now, it was cool having all the noise and so many people around, even if it meant that sometimes things would be frozen over, or Johnny would be walking around shirtless arguing with his sister on the phone, or the boys would have a new chores chart for when Gwen was around that happened to put most of the chores under her name. It was home.

And sometimes she'd get sent on late night ice cream runs by Aunt May, who decided they deserved it, and who was Gwen to disagree? Tonight when she walked out, she found Mary Jane starting up to the door. "You're back," MJ said, sounding surprised.

"Yeah, my school's on break. Like, for two weeks, it's weird," Gwen said, coming to meet her on the sidewalk.

"Cool. Uh, is Peter home?"

"No, he's... up there," Gwen said, pointing. "You know, being you know who."

"I thought Aunt May told him to take a break from that," MJ said.

"Well, maybe, but that was before all the superheroes in New York decided he needed training," she explained. "Iron Man actually showed up here to take him for a training lesson."

MJ's eyes widened. "Tony Stark was here?"

"In the fancy armor. Aunt May freaked," Gwen confirmed. Aunt May had been totally okay with the idea of Peter getting some training so he might have some better idea of what he was doing, but he had to be able to keep his identity a secret. Iron Man showing up didn't exactly help that, even if he did just try to say he was looking for directions. "They're going to train him to be a superhero so he doesn't spaz out make huge giant messes anymore."

"That's... That's not a bad idea, actually," MJ decided. "Anyway, I was just going to-"

A bright light caught Gwen's eye, and she looked out down the street in time to see what looked like the start of an explosion somewhere in the distance.

"What was that?" Gwen cried, startled.


"Lightning doesn't go up!"

"I hope that wasn't something to do with Peter," MJ said.

"Not every crazy thing that happens in this city has something to do with Peter," Gwen said. "Just... you know, most of them."


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